$FORM token economics | [subject to change]
Risk Parity Protocol | The Lite Paper V1.0
$FORM token economics are designed with long-term value creation in mind. We believe that great things take time to build properly and will require long-term commitment from the team.
    1,000,000,000 $FORM initial maximum supply
    2% supply expansion per year after the 250,000,000th $FORM token is released*
$FORM Emission Schedule:
    Up to 30% of Reward Pool will be released to users as a reward when V1 is fully released with cross-chain capabilities in the first 12 months from the launch of V1
    The remainder in Reward Pool will be released algorithmically over the ensuing 5 years
Use of Proceeds:
    65% for technical and business development
    15% for marketing
    15% for legal
    5% for operations
* These and other parameters are subject to change via governance votes
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